Different types of lifting slings

Different types of lifting slings

Different types of lifting slings

Jan 30, 2023

Different types of lifting slings

Today let us understand the difference between different slings and the suitable scenarios.There are three main types of lifting slings that you can choose from chain slings, wire rope slings, and synthetic slings.

Chain slings are available in a range of material grades, sizes and assembly and choosing the right one can make or break your lifting operation.

❖    Wire Rope Slings

More durable than synthetic slings and more cost-effective than chain slings, wire rope slings are a viable alternative for many workers in the construction industry. They are curated by weaving individual strands or wires around a core. They are exceptionally strong and resistant to abrasion or cutting which makes it suitable lifting and hoisting operations. They are available in a range of configurations and dimensions like round braids, flat braids, tri-flex and cable-laid slings.

One reason many riggers favor wire rope slings is that they come in a wide variety of materials, lays, diameters, and configurations, so it is always easy to find the perfect sling for the job. However, wire rope slings can be susceptible to kinks and twists, so it is always important to inspect them before using.

❖    Synthetic Slings

Also known as polyester slings, synthetic slings are the most versatile kind of sling. Because they’re so flexible, they can be molded to the shape of irregularly shaped loads and ideal for securing breakable or delicate loads. They are developed typically from nylon or polyester fibers and are a popular choice for riggers. However, these slings should not be used in rugged weather conditions, as they will wear down more quickly than other types of slings.

❖    Chain Slings

Chain slings are the strongest and most durable type of sling, making them an ideal choice for heavy-duty construction, mining and manufacturing operations. Usually developed from alloy steel, these slings can withstand extreme conditions in a construction setting and can secure extremely hot loads without getting damaged. Lisheng provides premium quality chain slings for lifting operations with wide range of fittings and accessories.