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28 May 2024

What Makes a Self Locking Hook Different from Other Hooks?

The main advantage of self locking hooks is that it will close itself when you’re loading it, which makes operations much safer. With a spring-loaded latch on a sling hook, it’s a littl...
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17 May 2024

About Self Locking Hook

The self locking hook locks automatically as soon as it is brought under tension.  To release the load the user must manually unlock the hook, which prevents unintended release.  This hook b...
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08 May 2024

What is the safety standard of carabiner snap hook?

Carabiner Snap Hook Safety Standards There are a few different categories of carabiner, each with slightly different standards for strength and other specifics.  Most locking and non-locking c...
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29 Apr 2024

Discussion on the application of winch clevis hook in marine engineering

Marine engineering, as an important field for human exploration and utilization of marine resources, has extremely high requirements for hoisting and connection tools. Among them, winch clevis hook, a...
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