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03 Apr 2023

Knowledge about turnbuckles

Turnbuckles are devices used to adjust the tension and length of cables, ropes, and other types of tensioning ...
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07 Mar 2023

Anchor chain quality inspection and delivery

Recently, Shandong Lisheng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. completed the anchor chain order from Iran. Before the anchor chain is packed and shipped, Shandong Lisheng will conduct strict quality ...
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19 Dec 2022

The Different Types of Load Binders: Which is Right for You?

A load binder is a mechanical device used to secure and tighten cargo on a trailer, truck, or shipping container. It is an essential piece of equipment for any transportation or logistics company as i...
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24 Nov 2022

What is a Load Binder

WHAT ARE RATCHET LOAD BINDERS ? Ratchet Binders use ratcheting mechanism to create tension in the chain in order to safely secure the load. They have a handle, two tension hooks, a cam and prawl...
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