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The most common types of snap hooks are the pear-shaped, D-shaped, and the keylock. Pear-shaped snap hooks are designed with a rounded shape, which allows for easy connection to a wide range of objects. D-shaped snap hooks, as the name suggests, are shaped like a D and are used in applications where a strong, stable connection is required. Keylock snap hooks have a key-shaped nose that prevents the hook from snagging on ropes, slings, and other gear.

Snap hooks can also come in different sizes and breaking strengths, depending on their intended use. For example, smaller snap hooks with lower breaking strengths are commonly used in fishing and sailing applications, while larger, stronger snap hooks are used in industrial rigging and safety harnesses.

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Shandong Lisheng Machinery Co., Ltd. is a new generation enterprise dedicated to the hardware industry. It is located in Jining City, Shandong Province, the hometown of Confucius and Mencius. The company is a professional hardware supporting enterprise integrating design, research and development, production and sales. The main products are chains, wire ropes and their accessories: shackles, turn buckles, clips, rings, snap hooks and other forgings and castings, and accept drawings and samples for processing.

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Process Flow of Snap Hooks

Types of Snap Hooks

There are many different types of snap hooks available. Some common types include carabiner snap hooks, which have a large gate opening and are commonly used in climbing and rigging applications; swivel snap hooks, which have a swivel eye that allows the hook to rotate freely; and locking snap hooks, which have a locking mechanism that prevents accidental detachment.

Application Fields of Snap Hooks

Snap hooks are used in a wide range of industries and applications. They are commonly used in construction, rigging, and lifting operations to quickly and easily connect ropes or cables. Snap hooks are also used in outdoor recreation activities such as camping and hiking to attach gear to backpacks or belts.

Functions of Snap Hooks

Snap hooks are commonly used to connect two items together. They can be used to attach a rope or cable to an anchor point or to connect two ropes or cables together. Snap hooks can also be used to attach accessories such as keys or water bottles to a backpack or belt loop.

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Snap hooks are used to make a quick, reversible connection on a system of ropes, or to connect a rope or cord to another component, like a lanyard medallion or barrier post.

All snap hooks and carabiners are designed to be used by people who weigh no more than 420 pounds. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) requires that all types of hardware designed to protect individuals in falls to have at least a 16 kN rating for the gate and a 22.5 kN rating for the tensile load.

The material of snap hook is usually divided into stainless steel, alloy steel or aluminum alloy. Steel hooks are hard and heavy, and are suitable for attaching anchor points or for contact with sharp metal equipment, such as safety harnesses and descenders. The breaking load of aluminum alloy shackles is not inferior to that of steel products. Aluminum safety hooks are relatively light in weight and are suitable for connecting various equipment of personal protective equipment and carrying multiple spares. However, aluminum alloy is less resistant to cutting, so avoid hooking with other sharp metals when using it.

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