What is lashing chain?

What is lashing chain?

Lashing Chains and Components are combined to make securing assemblies in order to tie-down large industrial loads on low loaders. A stronger alternative to ratchet straps, lashing chains are made from alloy steel. Usually combining a combination of chains with hooks either end and ratchet load binders that are placed in between to shorten and apply pulling pressure on the chain which gives a secure binding of the load to the flatbed truck or lorry.

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How to use lashing chains?

Make a check before use to ensure lashing chains are in good condition and are not excessively worn. With wear, lashing chains tend to stretch. A rule of thumb prescribes to consider excessively worn a chain with a length exceeding more than 3% of the theoretical value.

The minimum number and arrangement of the lashing chains can be determined using the formulas contained in the EN 12195-1 standard, while it is necessary to check that the vehicle lashing points to which the chains are attached offer sufficient strength, as required by the EN 12640 standard.

Particular care should be taken when the lashing chains are in contact with the load or with an element of the vehicle, such as a wall. The lashing chains in fact develop a high friction with the contact element. This, in addition to damage to the load, could cause a loss of tension along the branches of the chain. Therefore, apart from observing particular precautions, it is recommended to use chains only for direct lashing. In this way a point of the load and a point of the vehicle are connected by the lashing chain without the interposition of other elements.

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