Wire Rope Clamp: Essential Component for Heavy-Duty Applications

Wire Rope Clamp: Essential Component for Heavy-Duty Applications

One of the primary benefits of using a wire rope clamp is that it ensures the safety and security of the wire rope. By clamping the ends of the rope securely, it prevents the rope from coming loose or unraveling, which can be dangerous and cause damage. This is especially important in applications where the wire rope is used to support heavy loads or withstand tension and stress.

Another benefit of using a wire rope clamp is that it helps to prolong the service life of the wire rope. When the ends of the rope are not clamped properly, the rope can become frayed or damaged, which can cause it to break or fail prematurely. By using a clamp to secure the ends of the rope, you can help to prevent this kind of damage, which can save you time and money in the long run.

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Basic steps for installing a wire rope clip

First, wrap the wire rope around the thimble or to form the eye, and turn back the correct amount of rope—as specified by the manufacturer.

Apply the first wire rope clip at the end of the dead end, with one base width of space. Use a torque wrench to tighten the nuts on the wire rope clip.

When applying the second clip (if required), place it as close to the eye loop or thimble as possible. Again, be sure to properly tighten the nuts of the clip with a torque wrench.

If more than two clips are required, the clips should be evenly spaced between the two that were placed first.

Importance of Wire Rope Clamps

Wire rope clamps are an important tool for securing wire ropes. They provide a strong and secure connection without the need for specialized tools or equipment. In many applications, the use of wire rope clamps is essential for ensuring the safety and reliability of rigging and lifting operations.

Common Mistakes When Installing Wire Rope Clips

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to see a wire rope clip applied incorrectly. Some of the most common mistakes include:
1、Not torquing to the manufacturer’s expectations
2、Not using the recommended number of clips
3、Incorrect spacing between clips
4、Saddle is on the incorrect end of the rope
5、Incorrect amount of turnback when forming an eye
6、Using the wrong type of clip for the application
7、Not matching the clip size to the wire rope size
8、Failing to cycle the rope and regularly tighten the clips

Application Fields of Wire Rope Clamps

Wire rope clamps are commonly used in rigging and lifting operations. They are an essential tool for securing wire ropes and can be used in a variety of applications, including construction, shipping, and transportation.

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Cable clamps (popularly known as cable cleats) are an essential component when installing cable and are recommended in almost every electrical installation. According to IEC 61914:2009, Cable Clamps/ Cleats are “devices designed to provide securing of cables when installed at intervals along the length of the cables”

A rope clamp is a bolted fastener used to bind cord in a particular position. Rope clamps commonly include two halves joined by two or more bolts. The halves are joined and secured in place with the doubled-over rope running in between. One of the most common uses of a rope clamp is to form a loop at the end of a cord.

Three wire rope clampAt least three clips should be used when making any prepared loop or thimble-eye termination for wire rope (especially for overhead lifting). All three clips must be installed with the saddle part on the live end of the rope.

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