Basic knowledge of wire rope
01 Jan

Basic knowledge of wire rope

Basic knowledge of wire rope
First, the definition of wire rope
The steel wire rope is a helical wire bundle in which the steel wires whose mechanical properties and geometric dimensions meet the requirements are twisted together according to certain rules. The steel wire rope is composed of steel wire, rope core and grease. The steel wire rope is first twisted into strands by multiple layers of steel wires, and then twisted into a helical rope by a certain number of strands with the rope core as the center. In material handling machinery, wire ropes are used for hoisting, pulling, tensioning and carrying. The steel wire rope has high strength, light weight, stable operation, not easy to break suddenly and reliable operation.

Second, the composition and function of wire rope
The steel wire rope is mainly composed of steel wire, rope core and grease.
1. Steel wire
The steel wire rope needs to be subjected to alternating loads during its use, and its performance is mainly determined by the mechanical properties of the steel wire, the surface state of the steel wire and the structure of the steel wire rope. The steel wire material includes carbon steel or alloy steel, which is made by cold drawing or cold rolling. The cross section of the steel wire is round or special-shaped (T-type, S-type, Z-type). The special-shaped cross-section steel wire is mainly used for the production of sealing wire ropes. High tensile strength and toughness, and suitable surface treatment of steel wire to meet the needs of different environmental conditions.
2. Rope core
The main function of the rope core is to support the wire rope to achieve a stable cross-sectional structure. The rope core includes steel core and fiber core, fiber core includes natural fiber core and synthetic fiber core, natural fiber core such as sisal, jute, cotton thread, etc., synthetic fiber core includes polyethylene and polypropylene filament, etc. The natural fiber core can store more grease, which can lubricate the wire rope and prolong the service life of the wire rope.
3. Grease
There are two main functions of spraying grease during the twisting process of the steel wire rope. One is to lubricate the steel wire rope to reduce the wear on the surface of the steel wire. act as an inhibitor.

Finally, due to the unique properties of steel wire ropes, a more ideal product has not yet been found at home and abroad to replace steel wire ropes comprehensively or in one field. Therefore, steel wire ropes are widely used in metallurgy, mining, oil and gas drilling, machinery, chemical industry, aerospace It has become an indispensable component or material in other fields, and its quality has also been concerned by many domestic industries, and a lot of manpower and material resources have been invested in the research and product development of wire rope use.